Getting up to date2011.01.22. // Release

Hi everyone, so great news coming!

Today I’ve got an e-mail from and they kind of forced me to update my theme, to suit the guidelines of theme repository. And I did so.
So, you’ll see some major impovements in the theme, in functionality, and design as well.

I have added so new cool stuff, navigation menu support, threaded comments, custom post types, etc.
And also I’ve fixed some layout issues, and made the layout and header wider.

Maybe later I’ll give a bigger facelift to this theme, but it’s OK for now 🙂

Chinese Love theme is released2008.07.28. // Release

Tonight I’ve submitted my theme, to WordPress theme directory. I hope it will be accepted shortly, and it will be available for everybody.

The main features of this theme is widget compatibility, and localizability. As you can see, it has two columns, fixed width, with web 2.0 like RSS bar, and customized search bar.

I was kind, and I made a favicon.ico for this, so if your browser supports it ( 99% of browsers does), it will display.

If your native language is not english, you can still use this theme, because I made it localizable, and bundeled a default.pot, for those of you who want to make a translation. It has 44 records, so it takes about 15 minutes of translation. If you made it so, I’ll be glad if you send it to me, and I’ll bundle it with the next releases.

There is an orange & peach version of this theme, but it’s a limited editon thus, it was made for my sister’s nameday. So you can request from me directly, by send an e-mail. My address is in the sidebar 🙂

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet2008.07.27. // Poem

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Picture2008.05.27. // Picture

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A picture with my love

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